Does Your Child Need A Back-To-School Visit?

With school starting, you and your family will likely have much busier schedules. Which is why we urge families in Kahoka, MO, to schedule a back-to-school visit, so we can examine smiles and ensure children start classes with bright teeth and healthy gums. What happens during your child’s visit? What preventive treatment options can we offer to protect little smiles?


Securing Your Bridge With Dental Implants

Often, a dental bridge is secured with crowns, which must be placed on surrounding teeth to anchor the new ones in place. But what if instead, we secured them with advanced implant dentistry? Not only will your new teeth last longer, but you don’t have to lose healthy tooth structure from surrounding teeth. Find out how your Kahoka, MO, dentist addresses tooth loss.


Repairing Teeth With Tooth-Colored Fillings

When one of our Kahoka, MO, patients develops a cavity, we treat the decay with a filling, which prevents an infection and halts toothaches and sensitivity. For many years, metal restorations were the only option available. Fortunately, we can offer a one-visit option that employs a metal-free and lifelike material. How do we repair teeth with tooth-colored fillings?


Thinking About Porcelain Veneers for Your Smile?

The desire for a healthier looking and more attractive smile is a common reason to seek dental treatment outside of your routine preventive care. That’s because many different kinds of cosmetic blemishes can potentially affect your smile, even when your teeth are otherwise healthy. At our Kahoka, MO, dental office, we can help you find the ideal solution for improving your smile. For many patients, that includes one or more highly lifelike porcelain veneers that can help improve multiple different cosmetic concerns at once. (more…)

Did You Know This About Teeth-Whitening?

For people who’ve never received professional teeth-whitening treatment, there may be many things that they don’t realize about the procedure. For instance, they may believe that seeking professional treatment for their teeth stains is complicated, and that buying a product over-the-counter (OTC) might be a simpler option. At our Kahoka, MO, dental office, we not only offer professional teeth-whitening treatment, but also help make your treatment more convenient by customizing it just for you. (more…)

What Treatments Do Children Need?

Dental care, including preventive treatment and restorative procedures, is essential for addressing oral health concerns and helping people enjoy optimal oral health. This is no different for our younger patients in Kahoka, MO. Routine care helps safeguard teeth and prevent the onset of serious problems that could cause premature tooth loss and other complications. What treatments do children need, and when should they see the dentist?