Month: May 2018

Does Your Smile Need A Full Or Partial Denture?

If you have multiple missing teeth, then the health of your smile can suffer. In addition, you can have trouble eating, speaking, or may simply feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your smile. In order to address advanced tooth loss, we may suggest a full or partial denture. Which one will be right for your… Read more »

Quiz: How Does A Bridge Replace Missing Teeth?

When you lose one or more teeth, then you can develop serious complications, from a higher risk of misalignment to the potential onset of TMJ disorder and bruxism. Fortunately, we can help correct the issue with a dental bridge. How does a bridge replace missing teeth?

What Happens During A Tooth Extraction?

Our goal is to help patients maintain optimal oral health, preserving their natural teeth. However, occasionally oral health issues can arise that actually mean removing a tooth is the best option. When do we need to remove a tooth and what happens during the extraction procedure?

When Does A Tooth Need An Inlay Or Onlay?

Have you ever heard of partial crowns? These refer to restorations that address more specific areas of the tooth. We can use them to address a number of cosmetic and restorative concerns. When does a tooth need an inlay or onlay instead of a traditional dental crown?