Month: September 2018

What Benefits Do Dental Implants Provide?

Missing teeth mean poor oral health and negative impacts on a smile’s appearance. Fortunately, our team offers custom, lifelike solution to tooth loss. Dental implants offer our Kahoka, MO, patients a durable and natural looking tooth replacement option.

What Kind Of Dentures Do You Need?

When you lose a single tooth, we may suggest a dental bridge or possibly a single tooth dental implant. But what about our patients in Kahoka, MO, that experience advanced tooth loss? In these cases, we may suggest a denture, such as a full or partial.

Bridges Offer A Tooth Loss Solution!

Have you lost a tooth? Well, don’t resign yourself to life with a gap in your smile. For patients in Kahoka, MO, we have a lifelike and long-lasting tooth replacement option. Find out how dental bridges can return your smile to optimal health and beauty!

Why Does A Tooth Sometimes Need Extraction?

When we treat our patients in Kahoka, MO, we strive to help them maintain their natural teeth and enjoy health smiles. However, sometimes we need to actually remove a tooth to ensure the health and proper function of the smile. Why does a tooth sometimes need extraction?