Month: November 2018

Do You Want A Brighter Smile For The Holidays?

With the holiday season finally here, you may be looking forward to a number of parties and get-togethers. If you want to attend these social events with a brighter smile, then you may benefit from teeth whitening. Let’s look at how our cosmetic treatments help brighten smiles in Kahoka, MO.

Keep Out Cavities This Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, many of our Kahoka, MO, patients will be gathering with their closest finds and family, to celebrate over a wonderful meal. We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving as much as anyone, but we always want our patients to be aware of how sugary and starchy foods could lead to cavities. We also want them to… Read more »

How Do You Keep Children’s Smiles Healthy?

Like you, children need routine care from the dentist to maintain healthy smiles. Otherwise, tooth decay and other issues could lead to major complications down the road, complications that may require extensive treatment. Fortunately, our Kahoka, MO, patients can take steps to help protect their children’s smiles!

Do My Headaches Point To TMJ Disorder?

Have you ever heard of TMJ disorder (also known as TMD)? Few people have, even though millions could potentially suffer from the disorder. Patients with TMD may experience headaches and other problems related to the jaw joints. When should our Kahoka, MO, patients seek a diagnosis?

Why Do We Grind Our Teeth?

Do you grind your teeth? For most people, these are short-lived occurrences. However, some may grind or clench their teeth nearly every night, leading to a higher risk of serious oral health complications. What makes us grind our teeth and what solutions do we offer for our Kahoka, MO, patients?