Month: January 2019

Using Dentures To Replace Your Lost Teeth

As we grow older, periodontal disease and other factors may lead to the loss of our natural teeth. In order to restore the smile, we may suggest a custom-made prosthetic to address these missing teeth. How do we use dentures to help patients in Kahoka, MO, enjoy a full smile once again? Will they look… Read more »

A Bridge Replaces Missing Teeth

If you have lost one or more teeth, then your smile’s health could suffer. Not to mention, missing teeth impact your smile’s appearance as well. In order to restore the health and function of your smile, we may recommend Kahoka, MO, patients receive a dental bridge. Let’s find out how our custom prosthetics replaces missing… Read more »

Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

Your Kahoka, MO, dentist strives to help patients enjoy whole and healthy smiles. However, sometimes maintaining optimal oral health means removing a tooth, such as wisdom teeth. What does an extraction involve? Will the procedure be comfortable? Let’s take a closer look at the procedure.

Which Type Of Crown Will You Need?

If we see a patient with a broken or cracked tooth, or one with severe tooth decay or an infection, then we may recommend a dental crown. We use several different materials, depending on the type of problem and the location of the tooth. Which type of crown will your smile need? When should you… Read more »