Month: June 2019

Bonding May Fix Your Tooth In One Visit

If you chip a tooth, don’t assume the only solution is multiple visits to the office. We often help people in Kahoka, MO, with chipped teeth in just one visit! Dental bonding offers a number of benefits for the smile, providing cosmetic solutions to everything from chipped and misshapen teeth to permanent discoloration. Can bonding… Read more »

Did You Know This About Teeth-Whitening?

For people who’ve never received professional teeth-whitening treatment, there may be many things that they don’t realize about the procedure. For instance, they may believe that seeking professional treatment for their teeth stains is complicated, and that buying a product over-the-counter (OTC) might be a simpler option. At our Kahoka, MO, dental office, we not… Read more »

What Treatments Do Children Need?

Dental care, including preventive treatment and restorative procedures, is essential for addressing oral health concerns and helping people enjoy optimal oral health. This is no different for our younger patients in Kahoka, MO. Routine care helps safeguard teeth and prevent the onset of serious problems that could cause premature tooth loss and other complications. What… Read more »

Headaches Could Mean TMJ/Bruxism Trouble

Do you frequently experience serious headaches? Then the problem could be related to your jaw joints. Common oral health issues, such as TMJ disorder (TMD) and bruxism could place pressure on the joints, leading to uncomfortable symptoms. How do we treat TMD-related headaches? What happens if these jaw joint problems are not addressed in a… Read more »