Month: July 2019

Saving Your Smile With Surgical Extraction

Keeping smiles healthy means taking steps both at home and in our office to preserve your natural teeth, However, in some cases keeping your smile healthy means actually removing a tooth, which we can do safely and comfortably with a dental extraction. When do we recommend an extraction for our Kahoka, MO, patients?

Do I Need A Full Or Partial Crown?

Did you know that we have different versions of a dental crown? Traditional crowns, and partials, help return damaged and decayed teeth to full function and health, while also preserving the appearance of your smile in the process. Let’s learn more about repairing smiles in Kahoka, MO, with our custom-made crowns!

Repairing Teeth With Tooth-Colored Fillings

When one of our Kahoka, MO, patients develops a cavity, we treat the decay with a filling, which prevents an infection and halts toothaches and sensitivity. For many years, metal restorations were the only option available. Fortunately, we can offer a one-visit option that employs a metal-free and lifelike material. How do we repair teeth… Read more »

Thinking About Porcelain Veneers for Your Smile?

The desire for a healthier looking and more attractive smile is a common reason to seek dental treatment outside of your routine preventive care. That’s because many different kinds of cosmetic blemishes can potentially affect your smile, even when your teeth are otherwise healthy. At our Kahoka, MO, dental office, we can help you find… Read more »