Month: September 2019

The Benefits Of Applying A Fluoride Varnish

In our previous blog, we discussed how a dental sealant helps prevent cavities by keeping food from becoming stuck between the teeth. In today’s blog, your Kahoka, MO, dentist would like to discuss another preventive treatment for little smiles. With fluoride treatments, we can help improve the strength of tooth enamel and keep cavities at… Read more »

How Does A Thin Layer Of Acrylic Prevent Children’s Cavities?

When children brush and floss, they may have trouble reaching the rear teeth or properly cleaning every available surface. Which means over time, the risk of tooth decay increases. In order to help protect little smiles in Kahoka, MO, your dentist may recommend dental sealants. How will this thin layer of acrylic stop the onset… Read more »

Is Your Headache Linked To TMJ Disorder?

Do you frequently suffer from headaches or migraines, and have yet to pinpoint the cause? Well, the cause may be related to your smile. TMJ disorder, oftentimes referred to as TMD, is a jaw joint disorder that can lead to uncomfortable symptoms in and around the face, head, and jaw. In today’s blog, we’re going… Read more »

We Offer Teeth Grinding Solutions

Did you know persistent teeth grinding, known as bruxism, could lead to serious problems for your smile’s health? Without treatment, you even run the risk of damaging your teeth! For patient’s in Kahoka, MO, with bruxism, we have a comfortable and convenient treatment option, one that utilizes a unique and custom-made oral appliance.