Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month With These Tips

Each year, February marks National Children’s Dental Health Month. While February is almost over, that doesn’t mean you can forget about your child’s dental health for another year! Good oral hygiene and regular monitoring of dental health and development are essential to the health of your children as they grow. In today’s blog, your Kahoka, MO, family dentist will share some advice for helping keep little smiles healthy at home as well as the importance of regular dental checkups for your child’s continued health.

Creating Good Habits

Healthy habits of all kinds start at home, and oral hygiene habits are no different! Children learn by watching those they admire, so setting a good example for them at home is incredibly important. You should always be sure to model good habits for them, such as:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Brushing for two minutes each time
  • Being sure to brush all the nooks and crannies in your mouth, as well as the backs of your teeth
  • Brushing your tongue
  • Flossing every day

Modeling these habits will help your children to form a good routine that they will carry into adulthood, helping to keep them healthy as they grow up.

Fluoride Is Important

There has been a rise in recent years of toothpastes that do not feature fluoride, due to a myth that fluoride is a harmful chemical. While anything can be harmful in large amounts, fluoride occurs in nature, and the amount of fluoride in toothpaste will not hurt you or your child. In fact, it will help! When your child uses fluoridated toothpaste, the fluoride bonds with other fluoride in their mouth that has come from water and food and helps to protect your child’s teeth from decay by strengthening them. Fluoride can even reverse the first signs of decay, making it essential for fighting cavities.

What We Offer

You and your child should both visit the dentist every six months for a checkup. At Barbour Dental, we want everyone to be comfortable in our office, and our friendly staff works to make that possible. At a child’s checkup, we will check for warning signs of potential issues such as tooth decay and ensure that your child’s teeth and jaw are developing properly. We will also clean away the sticky plaque and hardened tartar that can lead to decay and usually can’t be removed at home, helping to further prevent cavities. And, of course, if we find anything wrong, we will consult with you to discuss the best choices for your child’s dental health.

Schedule a Checkup Today

At Barbour Dental, we want your child’s dental health to be a priority. If your child is due for a checkup, contact your Kahoka, MO, dentist, Dr. Barbour, at (660) 727-4746 today.