Month: October 2020

Will My Halloween Candy Cause Cavities?

Whether you’re going to be trick or treating or not, you and your family will likely to see a rise in candy consumption after Halloween. Too much of a good thing could mean painful toothaches and worsening tooth decay! Which is why in today’s blog, your Kahoka, MO, dentist will look at how we prevent… Read more »

Perfecting Your Smile With a Same-Day Dental Implant

Maintaining a complete and healthy smile is a goal almost every individual has but may find difficulty doing in practice. From chips to stains and everything in-between, there are methods for keeping your teeth shiny and youthful. But what happens if you have completely broken or lost a tooth? Fortunately, the team at Barbour Dental… Read more »

Gingivitis 101: Healthy Habits for Your Gums

Humans are creatures of habit, whether it is good habits, like twice yearly checkups and cleanings in with your family dentist in Kahoka, MO, or not-so-good habits like having a soda with dinner. You’ve probably heard the advice to brush twice and day and floss once, and forming these habits, and practicing them each day… Read more »

Creating Fillings That Look Natural

We don’t just offer cosmetic treatments to improve the beauty of the smile. In fact, we often use restorative treatments with cosmetic attributes to help treat cavities. In today’s blog, your Kahoka, MO, dentist will look at how we create fillings that not only provide a safe and durable means of treating cavities, but also… Read more »