Cosmetic Restoration With Dental Bonding

kahoka dental bondingWhen you have a chipped tooth, or issues with the shape of one, then you may need more than just teeth whitening to enjoy a more attractive smile. Fortunately, with cosmetic tooth bonding your Kahoka, MO, dentist knows how to offer conservative approach to cosmetic improvement, often transforming a tooth’s appearance in just one visit.

The Bonding and Contouring Process

With tooth bonding, we first remove any decay present in your tooth and then thoroughly clean and dry the surface. We prepare and place composite resin in several layers. This material is a blend of glass and acrylic, one that is metal-free and can be shaded to blend with the tooth. We then sculpt and mold the tooth as we cure the composite resin under a light. The final step involves polishing the tooth for a more lifelike appearance.

With contouring, we don’t add any new materials to the tooth surface. Instead, we gently buff and sand away small portions of structure top correct esthetics issues. Both of these procedures can be completed in one visit, and we may perform both in the same sitting too.

Esthetic Benefits

The bonding procedure enables our team to remove minor chips and cracks, lengthen worn down teeth, mask gaps or black triangle spaces between teeth, and reshape malformed teeth. We also mask permanent teeth stains, the kind that may not respond to traditional teeth whitening treatments. With contouring, we remove any pits, grooves, or rough patches in the surface, and also reshape overly large or chipped teeth. Contouring also helps dull sharp or pointed portions of the smile. Both essentially offer a mini smile makeover!

Smile Makeover Potential

We may combine these with other cosmetic procedures to create a full smile makeover. We may whiten teeth beforehand to ensure your repaired ones match your brightest smile. We can also discuss improving alignment with orthodontics, and using veneers to handle more advanced esthetic issues with a tooth’s shape. The treatment plan will be based on the results of a thorough dental exam. If you see us now, we can create a treatment plan and find out what 2020 dental insurance benefits are available to use, so you can employ them to improve your smile before they expire at the end of December. If you have any questions about our cosmetic treatment options, or about using any remaining dental insurance benefits, then contact our team today to learn more.


If you have a chipped or misshapen tooth, then your Kahoka, MO dentist at Barbour Dental is ready to help with an array of cosmetic treatment options. Contact our office at 660-727-4746 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our approach to cosmetic smile improvement.