Month: February 2021

Have You Signed Up For The COVID-19 Vaccine?

As more doses are being purchased and distributed across the country, the ability to sign up and receive the COVID-19 vaccinations is much easier! However, people do feel a little nervous about the process, or may simply be confused about how to proceed. In today’s blog, your Kahoka, MO, dentist will look at signing up… Read more »

Creating Dentures That Never Slip

Removable partial and full dentures help restore lost teeth and improve function and health. However, they could slip occasionally, and will require replacement every few years as the shape of your jaw ridge changes. But what of we could provide a version that never slips, and lasts much longer? With dental implants, your Kahoka, MO,… Read more »

The Importance Of Vaccinating Against COVID-19

Right now, the FDA has approved two vaccines against COVID-19, and it has been estimated that 27 million have been given the first dose of the vaccine, while 6 million are completely vaccinated. However, due to concerns about the process, many people, even those at high risk of death from COVID-19, are not rushing to… Read more »

A Custom Bridge Treats Tooth Loss

The causes of your tooth loss could vary, but the results will often be the same. Losing our teeth means major negative changes for the health and appearance of our smiles. To restore the gaps in your smile, your Kahoka, MO, dentist may create a lifelike dental bridge, which fits comfortably and could even be… Read more »