Teeth Grinding Could Harm Your Smile

kahoka teeth grindingBruxism is a common disorder, and one that causes people to grind and clench their teeth on a regular basis as they sleep. Without treatment, this is linked to major problems for your smile, including damaged teeth. In today’s blog, your Kahoka, MO, dentist is discussing how to recognize bruxism, and what treatment options we may provide!

The Causes and Warning Signs of Bruxism

Bruxism could develop for a number of different reasons. For example, you could experience high levels of stress in your daily life, or suffer from tooth loss or an injury to the face or jaw. Dental misalignment could be a factor, as could untreated cases of TMJ disorder. Since people grind and clench their teeth, warning signs could injury tooth sensitivity, toothaches, jaw and facial pain, aches in the neck and shoulders, and headaches and migraines. If you begin to experience one or more of these potential warning signs, then please contact our team today for a thorough diagnosis.

The Damage Grinding Could Cause

The immense pressure the disorder puts your teeth under could begin to wear down outer structure. This could wear away tooth enamel, and expose the inner dentin to harmful bacteria. The result could be tooth decay and even infected teeth, which leads to serious discomfort and could impact the stability of your smile. Your teeth could also appear short as well. In the next section, we will discuss how we treat bruxism itself. But what about the damage the disorder causes? With dental bonding, we could repair minor damage in one visit. A custom-made crown could address more severe damage in as little as one to two visits, offering a lifetime repair and improved smile beauty.

Treatment With an Oral Appliance

Treatment could include orthodontics to improve alignment, or even crowns to help restore bite balance. However, an oral appliance is the most common solution we provide for your smile. Our team will take detailed digital images and measurements of your smile. The information enables our team to craft and custom-fit an appliance, one that fits like a mouthguard and is worn as you sleep. The device then repositions your jaw to ease strain and pressure, and restore balance to your bite. The device also places a barrier between the upper and lower sets of teeth, preventing further damage to your smile. If you have any questions about treating your teeth grinding, then contact our team today.

Do You Need to Undergo an Exam?

We want to offer relief for people suffering from bruxism, and restore damaged teeth too. To learn more about our general and preventive treatment options, then please contact your Kahoka, MO dentist at Barbour Dental today. Contact our office at 660-727-4746 to schedule your visit with our team.