Your Filling Will Look Natural

kahoka dental fillingsWhen you have a cavity, the decay could grow worse with time and eventually lead to an infected tooth. To avoid worsening pain or even tooth loss, you need a dental filling. Unlike old school metal ones, our team uses composite resin to create a natural looking option! In today’s blog, your Kahoka, MO, dentist talks about our custom fillings.

The Dangers of Tooth Decay

A cavity grows and spread throughout the tooth with time. Which means what starts as a minor toothache, could soon lead to an infected or abscessed tooth and even a missing one eventually! Cavities form when harmful bacteria make contact with the inner dentin, and an infection mean it has spread through the dentin to reach the inner pulp. A cavity is possible when the outer protective layer of enamel is weakened by poor oral hygiene, plaque buildup, or even an injury to the tooth. Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, or a persistent toothache, are common warning signs of trouble.

Creating a Composite Resin Dental Filling

When we examine your smile, we will identify the present cavity, and also assess the extent. For kids and adults alike, we could treat the issue with a composite resin filling. Made from a metal-free material, we also color-match the material to blend with the rest of the tooth, so you restoration looks completely natural. We even use the same composite resin to offer cosmetic repair in one visit with our dental bonding procedure!

The process starts with the dentist administering a numbing agent, and then removing all decay from the tooth. We clean the outer structure and exposed inner portions, and then add the material in several layers. The next step involves shaping the tooth as the composite resin cures under a light. Finally, we polish the tooth for a more lifelike appearance. In only one sitting, we repair the issue and restore your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty.

Steps for a Stronger Smile

To try and limit the risk of future cavities, we suggest first making time to brush and floss your teeth daily. These steps help remove trapped food particles and limit the severity of plaque buildup. You also help limit plaque and cavity risk by cutting back on foods and drinks high in sugars and starches. Make time to see us every six months for a checkup and dental cleaning too!


We offer patients of all ages access to restorations that look natural. To learn more about how we treat tooth decay in one visit, then please contact your Kahoka, MO dentist at Barbour Dental today. Contact our office at 660-727-4746 to schedule your visit with our team.