Partial Dentures Could Complete Your Smile

kahoka partial dentureA bridge could address one to three teeth in a row, but what if you have several gaps across your smile? Instead of a complete denture, we may create a lifelike partial. In today’s blog, your Kahoka, MO, dentist will discuss how we design and craft a custom-made denture, and how this could benefit the health, beauty, and functions of your smile.

Crafting a Partial Denture

Each denture we create is custom-made for a patient’s smile, as every smile is unique and requires a custom-fitted prosthetic. To begin, we will carefully examine your smile to assess the cause and extent of your tooth loss, and to find out if any additional need to be removed due to infection or disease. Next, detailed digital images and measurements will be taken of your smile. The information will be employed in a lab setting to design and craft the prosthetic. The partial will contain new teeth, usually made from ceramic, which can be color-matched to blend with your smile. They will be set in a base made from acrylic. The base is designed to mimic the appearance of gum tissue. There will be metal clasps, invisible when the denture is in place, that attach to natural teeth to secure it.

Benefits for Your Smile

Replacing missing teeth prevents misalignment from occurring as teeth drift due to the gaps in the smile. In addition, this restores bite balance to help prevent painful disorders like TMD or bruxism. You can eat your favorite foods again, and also smile with confidence as well.

Dental Implant Placement

The removable option will need to be taken out for cleaning and soaking occasionally, and will last 5 to 10 years on average. They require replacement as the jaw ridge changes shape. However! If we insert multiple dental implants and attach the prosthetic to them, this helps stimulate the growth of bone tissues to prevent changes to the jaw ridge. Your new teeth can stay in place for decades, and the prosthetic never needs to be removed. This also means it will never slip as well. We will take factors such as underlying oral health issue and jawbone stability into account before we recommend the implant option.

If you have any questions about how we address missing teeth and rebuild your smile, then contact our team today to learn more or get started. We want to help you obtain a full smile again!


If you have several gaps across your smile, then please contact your Kahoka, MO dentist at Barbour Dental today to find out how we replace missing teeth. Contact our office at 660-727-4746 to schedule your visit with our team. You can also find us at 203 E. Commercial St. Kahoka, Missouri.