Month: April 2022

Gum Recession Is More Common Than You Think

Gum Recession Kahoka MO

We see gum recession on a daily basis, yet some people still feel shame when confronting the issue. We have solutions, but often the entire idea of having a graft is frightening to individuals. But they shouldn’t be! Grafts are a highly successful operation and shouldn’t worry anyone. Today, your Kahoka, MO dentist explains how… Read more »

Broke A Tooth? Here’s What To Do

Broken Tooth Kahoka Mo

A broken tooth is a fairly common occurrence in life, and it is one that can be an immense hassle! But we do not spend enough time preparing for what we might do when the time comes to handle the struggle. Being prepared for this event can save you much time and money in the… Read more »

Diabetes And Your Oral Health

Diabetes Kahoka MO

The most prevalent autoimmune disorder in America is diabetes, with 29 million people with either Type I or Type II. Nearly every aspect of your health is affected by diabetes, often in ways that you may not think. Diabetic patients experience damage to the smallest blood vessels in the body, known as capillaries. These are… Read more »

Periodontal Disease And Pregnancy

Pregnant Teeth Kahoka MO

With all the concerns that arise during pregnancy, oral health is often overlooked. The entire body transforms into a vessel designed to help the development of a child. This can be overwhelming to first-time parents; and the added stress of further children on the body is not to be ignored, either. Today, your Kahoka, MO… Read more »