Month: May 2022

You Might Be Causing Damage In Your Sleep!

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Bruxism is the collision of the jaw due to unconscious movement. This can be grinding, but also gnashing or jaw clenching, as well. For most people, it’s a harmless psychological activity. But for others, it can become a serious issue with their mouth and even their jaw! Persistent teeth grinding can alter the shape of… Read more »

Oral Health Is Cardiac Health

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People rarely recognize that the mouth is part of a whole wellness, encapsulating the entire body. Maybe it’s due to our society separating dental and medical care. At any rate, people overlook how integral the health of the mouth is. Your teeth play a significant role in how healthy your heart can be, as well…. Read more »

Veneers Can Bring Life Back To Your Smile!

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When we get older, a little of the luster from our physical selves fades. But we would all like to appear as vibrant as we feel inside. Porcelain veneers can help to bring back that youthful smile, all while maintaining your current healthy teeth. If you have a full smile that you simply want to… Read more »

Whiten Your Teeth For The Pool!

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Every summer, we love to go outside. We spend time with friends and family, and we take countless photographs of the events. So we want to make sure that we look as best as possible, from top to bottom. We spend countless amounts of money on trying to get our beach bodies into shape, or… Read more »