Month: July 2022

Identify Sensitivity Causes

Sensitive Kahoka MO

Very few things in this world can be as frustrating as tooth sensitivity and pain. Whether it is a lingering issue or if it has spiked recently, you do not need to suffer. In fact, waiting may only make the situation worse. So please, see someone today for your dental pain, there is no need… Read more »

Defend Your Smile With Your Diet

Cooking Kahoka MO

We all like to look good, and sometimes that means watching what we eat. But rarely do we think about how much our diet impacts our smile. And what affects our smile has the opportunity to do major damage to your beauty and, often, your daily life. Today, your Kahoka, MO dentist talks to you… Read more »

Leaving TMJ Pain In The Past

Is TMJ disorder currently a problem in your daily life? If so, you can experience it in several unpleasant ways. In addition to making jaw movement stiff or painful, the problem can cause discomfort throughout the day, make you more likely to grind or clench your teeth at night, and can even lead to more… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers Have Come A Long Way

Veneer Kahoka MO

When people think about having porcelain veneers placed, they tend to think about the benefits to cracked or broken teeth. And that is a fantastic use for them, in order to repair a broken smile.  But your veneers can also benefit you in different cosmetic areas, as well. For instance, they can help to improve… Read more »