Defend Your Smile With Your Diet

Cooking Kahoka MOWe all like to look good, and sometimes that means watching what we eat. But rarely do we think about how much our diet impacts our smile. And what affects our smile has the opportunity to do major damage to your beauty and, often, your daily life.

Today, your Kahoka, MO dentist talks to you about how simple nutritional decisions can pay dividends in the long run in preserving your smile.

It’s Not Just Sugar

The primary issue with eating candy or soda is the amount of the food left in the mouth after consumption. Food particles build in the deeper recesses of the teeth, leaving food for bacterial growth. The bacterial colonies create corrosive acidic waste, which eats away at the tooth itself. Bacteria eat carbohydrates within the mouth, which means that things like potato chips or even milk can spur this growth.

So not only are candy and sweets possible dangers to your smile, but many things in your pantry that you thought were safe can actually be damaging. Late night bread is a big danger, as it tends to stick deeply in the teeth. These materials are easily digestible by bacteria, and in addition, they create many pocketed areas for the infection to grow. 

Diet and Health

In order to operate efficiently, the body needs sufficient fuel. American diets, while rich in many ways, are also lacking in robustness. By monitoring the intake of food, you can ensure that you have all the necessary nutritional fuel for your immune system,

Beyond the issue of tooth decay, weaker immune systems can allow for periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, to grow and develop. 

This leads to gum recession, where the tissue pulls back, exposing the tooth’s root. By leaving them exposed, the tooth is much more vulnerable to any infection. Periodontal disease and its complications are the leading cause of tooth loss.

How Can I Help?

Appropriate nutrition is highly achievable, with minimal changes to daily life. Always speak with your doctor before making any significant changes to your diet.

Initially, adequate water consumption is paramount. In order to successfully fight off infection, the body requires significant hydration. Even if you only drink sugar-free soft drinks, the acidity in them can harm your enamel, so please, be sure to drink enough water throughout the day.

Beyond that, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are always great for your system. Each one brings a different set of benefits, so change up what you are eating when you can.

And with any oral health regimen, twice-daily brushing is key to maintaining a healthy smile. Daily flossing and an oral rinse are also highly suggested in order to maximize the cleanliness of the mouth.

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