Correcting Misalignment During Other Procedures

Smile Kahoka MOMany patients have concerns about the alignment of their smile. Whether minimal or serious, these concerns are often put off due to the invasiveness and the time required. That doesn’t even factor in the cost!

But if you are already planning on having certain dental procedures, they might be of benefit to you in other ways, chiefly in how your teeth sit. This can help both your physical look and also improve the quality of your bite.

Today, your Kahoka, MO dentist writes on how if you are intending on a surgical procedure, it might help your smile more than you thought possible!

Veneers Can Help

For those with cracked or broken teeth, the primary solution is typically a porcelain veneer. These are caps that go over existing natural teeth, made of strong ceramic. While the primary intent is to create a new healthy structure that mimics the previous one, there is also the ability to craft a prosthetic that fits the space in a better manner.

So with veneers, the external surface of the teeth can be shaped. So that even if the natural teeth underneath are not perfectly straight, the side that faces the outside world appears naturally straight. This might be of particular benefit to those placing veneers on groups of teeth that have been broken or chipped due to blunt force trauma.

Implants Go Beyond The Mouth

If you are needing a dental implant, that might also be of help to you in crafting a beautiful smile beyond that one site. And this is not only in the part of the mouth that is seen, but also deep into the bone underneath.

For people who have lost their teeth fully, most likely due to extraction, there are additional complications. The bone itself underneath will begin to reabsorb into the body without functioning teeth in place. Not only can this weaken the face structurally, but it can also significantly affect your appearance.

Most people have an image in their head of an elderly person who has removed their dentures. The receding jaw that occurs in this case is due to this loss of bone matter. By placing an implant at the site, the body continues to protect the jaw underneath. This way, we can protect the face by placing a prosthetic that merges biologically with the body.

Speak With Your Dentist

If you are planning to have procedure done, or if you are in the early stages of your oral health journey, feel free to speak with your dentist about the possible ways that some methods might benefit you in a variety of ways. Comprehensive health means tying as many facets together as feasible, when available.


If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to stop by our Kahoka, MO office, or contact Dr. Barbour at (660)727-GRIN(4746).