The Fascinating History Of Veneers

Beach Kahoka MOThe use of porcelain veneers as a cap to a broken or damaged tooth is relatively recent advancement, but has become commonplace within dental offices across the globe. This includes the cementing of a ceramic prosthetic over natural tooth material, creating a beautiful and equally durable solution to repair and enhance your smile.

Today, your Kahoka, MO dentist tells you how these prosthetics came to be, and why they may be a good fit for your smile!

Who Thought Of That?

The first documented use of ceramics as an adhered false front set comes from 1929, when Hollywood dentist and film advisor Charles Pincus created a temporary prosthetic for an actor. These worked for the movie, but were never intended to be worn for a significant amount of time, let alone as a permanent dental solution. He never could have imagined how influential his work would become!

Then thirty years later, in 1959, an important process called etching was developed. This includes an acidic procedure to create a more uneven and porous surface than our normal dental tissue can provide. The additional surface area, as well as deeper recesses for which to connect, means that an oral cement is able to bond more securely to your teeth. This creates the ability for permanent prosthetics.

But it wasn’t until 1982 that the two concepts were finally married, and since then, it really has taken off. It’s nearly impossible to find a public figure who has not had their smile enhanced using ceramic caps. And our versatility in using them grows by the day!

How Might They Help?

If you have a tooth that is broken, cracked, or chipped, it may be causing you constant stress. Obviously, if there are concerns about how stable the situation is, then you will find it hard to sleep at night. And the constant risk of infection and a resulting root canal may worry you, as well.

If so, it is best to repair this as soon as we can, as your mouth is the largest gateway we have into the body. Blood-borne illnesses and infections are constantly trying to attack us here, so we need to make sure that our defense are as strong as possible.

You might also be looking at a set of porcelain venees for a purely cosmetic reason, as well. These also function incredibly well here, and can remedy a long list of complaints. Misalignment issues can be fixed through the adjustment of the design, making the prosthetic device smaller or shaped differently.

Essentially, our skilled ceramicists have a very broad selection of choices in improving your smile. Be sure to let your oral health professional know about all the seemingly minor issues you are having, as they might be able to be corrected during this time!


If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to stop by our Kahoka, MO office, or contact Dr. Barbour at (660)727-GRIN(4746).