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Identify Sensitivity Causes

Sensitive Kahoka MO

Very few things in this world can be as frustrating as tooth sensitivity and pain. Whether it is a lingering issue or if it has spiked recently, you do not need to suffer. In fact, waiting may only make the situation worse. So please, see someone today for your dental pain, there is no need… Read more »

Defend Your Smile With Your Diet

Cooking Kahoka MO

We all like to look good, and sometimes that means watching what we eat. But rarely do we think about how much our diet impacts our smile. And what affects our smile has the opportunity to do major damage to your beauty and, often, your daily life. Today, your Kahoka, MO dentist talks to you… Read more »

Leaving TMJ Pain In The Past

Is TMJ disorder currently a problem in your daily life? If so, you can experience it in several unpleasant ways. In addition to making jaw movement stiff or painful, the problem can cause discomfort throughout the day, make you more likely to grind or clench your teeth at night, and can even lead to more… Read more »

Caring For Our Aging Teeth Properly

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Osteoporosis affects nearly all of us, if we are lucky enough to live to a ripe enough age. We simply weren’t designed to live to the ages we see now, and one place where this is evident is in bone density. While hips and wrists see a lot of damage due to their use and… Read more »

Oral Health Is Cardiac Health

Heart Kahoka MO

People rarely recognize that the mouth is part of a whole wellness, encapsulating the entire body. Maybe it’s due to our society separating dental and medical care. At any rate, people overlook how integral the health of the mouth is. Your teeth play a significant role in how healthy your heart can be, as well…. Read more »

Diabetes And Your Oral Health

Diabetes Kahoka MO

The most prevalent autoimmune disorder in America is diabetes, with 29 million people with either Type I or Type II. Nearly every aspect of your health is affected by diabetes, often in ways that you may not think. Diabetic patients experience damage to the smallest blood vessels in the body, known as capillaries. These are… Read more »

Periodontal Disease And Pregnancy

Pregnant Teeth Kahoka MO

With all the concerns that arise during pregnancy, oral health is often overlooked. The entire body transforms into a vessel designed to help the development of a child. This can be overwhelming to first-time parents; and the added stress of further children on the body is not to be ignored, either. Today, your Kahoka, MO… Read more »

Diet Is Crucial In Maintaining A Healthy Smile

Dental nutrition

We are taught from a very young age about the dangers of candy and soda on our teeth. But tooth decay and cavities can be brought on by more everyday foods that you might not even consider. Furthermore, the choices you make in what you ingest can have significant ramifications on your oral health Today,… Read more »

Give Your Teeth A Spring Cleaning

Smile Pink

Spring is a time for renewal. With the new leaves and warmer weather, we also use the time to get our houses and cars in order. We also start thinking about our beach bodies, getting ready to come out of our winter hibernation. But how many of us think about teeth cleaning during this time?… Read more »

Does My Facial Pain Mean I Have TMJ Disorder?

kahoka tmj disorder

When you have chronic aches and pain in your ears, head, and jaws, this could mean a disorder known as TMD, or TMJ disorder. Without treatment, this could impact how easily you eat and speak. In today’s blog, your Kahoka, MO, dentist talks about how we diagnose and treat the facial pain caused by TMJ… Read more »