Prosthodontic Dentistry

Severe tooth loss, or edentulism, affects fewer people today than it has at any other point in history. With the help of advanced hygiene techniques and professional dental treatments, most people can preserve the majority of their healthy, natural tooth structure for life. Those who do experience tooth loss are able to minimize the long-term effects on their smiles by replacing their lost teeth with highly lifelike prosthodontic options. Dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants have helped countless patients regain their quality of life after suffering tooth loss, allowing them to once again smile proudly and confidently.

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Even if you’ve lost one or more of your permanent teeth, you can once again enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile with the right prosthodontic dentistry treatment. To learn more, schedule a consultation with your dentist by calling Lynne Barbour Dental in Kahoka, MO, today at 660-727-4746 (GRIN).