Tooth Fillings

A cavity, or hole in your tooth, forms when oral bacteria are allowed to erode your enamel and infect your tooth structure—a condition known as tooth decay. Though tooth decay and cavities are common, they can usually be treated quickly and effectively with custom-made tooth fillings. At Lynne Barbour Dental, we offer a variety of filling options, including metal amalgam and biocompatible, tooth-colored fillings made from safe and durable composite resin. Compared to traditional metal fillings, composite resin is a more attractive restorative option, blending in discreetly with your natural tooth structure. The dental resin is also metal-free, making it a safer option for patients who are pregnant, especially young, or allergic to certain types of metal.

Choosing the Right Filling

Like all restorative dentistry options, we offer a choice of filling options to serve every patient’s unique needs and preference. When a back tooth develops a cavity, for instance, a metal filling may be the best option due to its high durability. If the tooth is more visible, then your dentist may suggest a tooth-colored filling made from composite resin. The resin consists of a mixture of finely ground acrylic and quartz-like particles, and unlike metal, it can be bonded permanently to your tooth structure. Therefore, it provides a tighter seal against oral bacteria that could re-infect the tooth if they enter the cavity.

Ask Your Dentist About Tooth-Colored Fillings

With a tooth-colored filling, you can treat your cavity safely and without the obvious appearance that comes with a metal filling. To find out if a tooth-colored filling is right for you, schedule a consultation by calling Lynne Barbour Dental in Kahoka, MO, today at 660-727-4746 (GRIN).